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lucky fish finder ice fishing

LUCKY portable fish finder (ice fishing model)

It is a new arrival LUCKY fish finder in all portable fish finder series. Besides the basic functions that all handheld fish finder concerned, you could find the particular advantages in this model.The new design has increased the sonar scanning speed by 30% while adding sonar handles for ice fishing. This allows the sonar to better detect the conditions under the ice through the ice layer.

Where is the best place to drill holes for ice fishing is the key to catch fish, but it always confused fishermen. We design a housing to hold the sensor transducer and make it detect more accurate through the ice layer. We strengthen the function of portable fish finder in ice fishing environment. Meanwhile, this new model could also be used for kayak fishing, shore fishing and other fishing environments. You could easily get to know the important date under water, including water depth, fish location, water temperature, bottom contour and so on.

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ice fishing model
Battery 4 x AAA 4 x AAA 4 x AAA 4 x AAA 4 x AAA Lithium
Sonar Frequency 200Khz 200Khz 200Khz 200Khz 200Khz 200Khz
Detection Depth 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m) 328FT (100m)
Sonar Beam Angle 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree 45 degree
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