Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen,(Disc and Fiber Tip 2-in-1 Series) High Sensitivity and Precision,Stylus for iPad,iPhone and Other Touch Screens Devices, Black

Product Description


Important Cautions:

1. Normally our stylus won't cause scratches on touch screen, but we still suggest you to use a screen protector on your device to protect the screen from any possible damage/scratches which may be caused by dirt on disc/screen, damaged tips or defective product of low probability.

2. This is an universal stylus. No Bluetooth connected or specified apps required, just take it as your fingers to write on your touch screens directly. Remember not to rest your palm on the screen when you use the stylus, or it won't work well.

3. Please don't remove the clear plastic disc from the tip. It is not an unnecessary part. Instead, it's very important to receive and conduct touch screen signal, without which the stylus will not work.

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Disc Tip & Fiber Tip 2 in 1 Stylus Palm Rejection Stylus for iPad LED garage light Palm Rejection Artist Gloves
Color Black White Silver Black
Feature Disc Tip & Fiber Tip 2 in 1 Design 1mm Fine Tip + Palm Rejection + Long Battery Life 4 Adjustable Panels + 6500 Lumens + 8000K White Light + Energy Saving Comfortable Material + Padding Patch Design
Application Most of touch screen devices Designed for iPad Series 2018 & 2019 Released Indoor Lighting for Garage, basement, barn, warehouse, factory, etc. tradition sketching, inking, coloring and digital drawing on graphics tablets
You'll Get 1 Stylus Pen + 2 Disc Tips + 1 Fiber Tip 1 Fine Tip Stylus + 2 Replaceable Nibs 1 Deformable Garage Light + 1 Instruction Manual 2 Artist Gloves
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