Bearals Disposable Makeup Applicators, Disposable Makeup Wands, Mascara Wands, Eyeliner Brushes, Lipstick Applicators, Eyeshadow Brushes, 200 Pcs Makeup Tool Kits

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Product Description

disposable makeup applicators
disposable makeup applicators

Package Includes: 50 pcs eyelash brushes, 50 pcs lip brushes, 50 pcs dual sided eyeshadow brushes and 50 pcs eyeliner makeup brushes, 200 pcs disposable applicator brushes in total.

Bearals Disposable Makeup Kits Features:

  1. This makeup kit is portable and easy to use.
  2. Carefully crafted with superior quality so it does not irritate skin, eyes, and lips
  3. Disposable brushes, wands, and applicators can be thrown away directly after use
  4. Eyeliner brushes have extra fine tips for precise eyeliner application, make you have a charming eyeliner and allow the makeup last longer.
  5. Lip Gloss Applicators have soft bristle tips for even and smooth lip gloss application, helping to make a full and uniform color of your lips, suitable for other liquid cosmetics as well.
  6. Mascara wands have bendable, elastic brush head used for curling or combing eyelashes

Perfect for makeup artists and beauty shops:

  1. Disposable makeup kit can be used for product demonstrations
  2. Allow customers and clients to sample cosmetic products in a sanitary manner
  3. Brushes, wands, and applicators are lightweight, easy to carry and affordable
  4. Suitable for business trips, holidays, parties, festivals, wedding, proms, daily use, performances, etc.
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