Bear KompleX Aluminum Speed Jump Rope for at-Home Workouts, Great for Double Unders, Boxing, Fitness, and Conditioning, Easy and Fast Setup, Workout Gear for Men and Women with Free Carrying Case

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Product Description

Bear KompleX (with a “K”) was developed for athletes by athletes, providing a variety of essential gear used to support, protect, and drive, so you can GETBETTER.

About our Hummer Aluminum Speed Rope...

Be the talk of the gym with a new design and a rope that performs better that the rest.

  • Lightweight cable and easily adjustable aluminum handle allow you to dominate your WODs
  • Great for Crossfit, Double-Unders, Boxing, Fitness & Conditioning
  • Comes in Black or Blue handle. Each comes with 2 cables

You can't go wrong with the Bear KompleX Hummer Speed Rope! The superb experience is all in the design: using only the highest and toughest quality materials that are built to last! Enjoy a FREE carrying bag to hold your rope in between WODs, so you always have it on you.

Our Story

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Where it all began...

Since creating the BEST GRIPS ON THE PLANET, we have since evolved the company into providing other essentials for the fitness community. When checking out our website you will see the fun and exciting colors of our knee sleeves, the quality of our new weight belt, and our extremely resourceful tactical gym bag.

At Bear Komplex, we strive everyday to make the highest quality gear for functional fitness. We have selected a group of athletes who share our dedication to the sport and a personal dedication to competitive training. These athletes are not only ambassadors of our brand but of our community.


Jake & Nate

Bear KompleX Military Backpack Bear KompleX Hand Grips Bear KompleX Elbow Sleeves Bear KompleX Weightlifting Belt Bear KompleX Lite Knee Sleeves Bear KompleX Hip Ignitor Band
Military Backpack Hand Grips Elbow Sleeves Weightlifting Belt LITE Knee Sleeves Hip Ignitor Band
Check out our other Bear KompleX products! The Bear KompleX Military Backpack is built to last through every journey! Protect your hands and palms during Pull ups, Chest to Bar, and more... Don’t miss your next workout due to pain and discomfort when you wear our Elbow Sleeves. The Bear KompleX Weightlifting Belt is designed to support your lifting technique during intense lifts. Our LITE Knee Sleeves provide support, warmth, and compression during workouts. Ignite your hips and glutes pre-. during, and post workout.
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