Gel Nail Polish Remover Tool - 200pcs Lint Free Nail Wipes 10pcs Nail Polish Remover Clips Pump Dispenser Cuticle Pusher Nail Brushes Nail File Nail Buffer BTArtbox Gel Polish Remover Tools Kit

Product Description

gel nail polish remover

Prefect for At-home Removing Nail Polish

No longer need to go to the salon to remove gel polish, BTArtbox Gel Nail Polish Remover Tools Kit has everything tools they use. These tools include everything you need to soak, dissolve, and remove gel polish-coarse sand file, handle grip nail brushes, nail remover pads, nail clips, cuticle pusher and nail buffer.

Not only most of tools are reusable, but also include 1000pcs lint free nail wipes. No need to go to the salon to pay extra fees, one kit can be used for a long time.

Gel polish removal used to be strictly salon-only, so when you waiting in line, sitting down and having someone pamper your hands for a few hour is an indulgence of time. Now you have the way to DIY gel removal that lets you wear pajama, watch movie, take care of your child and play with your pet in the garden while remove your gel.

nail polish remover

5 Steps to Remove Nail Polish:

#1. Grinding nail polish gel seal surface by coarse Nail File 100/180 grits and clean by Nail Cleaning Brush

Start by using a coarse nail file to gently (and slowly) sand down the top layer of gel. The point is just to remove the very top layer of the gel polish;

#2. Wrapped with Nail Remover Pads with acetone

Tear and wrap your fingertips in the squares, repeat this wrapping on all ten nails;

#3. Clipping the wrapped nails with Nail Clips ( fits all size), wait for 18-30 minutes

Clip the wrapped nails which help apply slight pressure to the nail and then leave your clip-covered fingertips alone for about 18 to 20 minutes;

#4. Scratching off nail plate residue gels with Cuticle Pusher after taking out clips

The wait is over! Taking out clips, if there is any gel left over, gently and carefully remove it with a Cuticle Pusher, working under the gel to lift it off the nail plate;

#5. Polishing nail beds by Nail Buffer.

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