MALACASA Porcelain Soup Bowls,15 Ounce Porcelain White Small Cereal Bowls Set of 8,Serving Bowls for Pasta,Dessert,Ice Cream,Salad,Rice and More

15 oz Bowls - 8 Packs
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Product Description

Healthy Eating & Happier Life

Dinnerware set dishes cereal bowls soup bowls white porcelain plates and bowls set for salad rice

Must-have Dinnerware Set for Daily Meal

A good set of dinnerware will bring a touch of class to any dinner table and remain in style for years while withstanding the rigors of daily use.

You may love the look of those big, beautiful dishes set, but you won’t love them so much when you can’t close your cabinet doors.

While Malacasa porcelain dinnerware bowls set is a good choice and service for your daily meal.

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6pcs Cereal Bowls Serving Platter 6pcs Bowls Set Dessert Bowl 6pcs Large Porcelain Bowls 6pcs Dinner Plates Serving Platter 6pcs Plate Set Dishes Plates 2pcs Dessert Appetizer Plates
Material White Porcelain White Porcelain White Porcelain White Porcelain White Porcelain White Porcelain
Series FLORA Series Cereal Bowls AMPARO Series Bowls Set ELISA Series Soup Dessert Bowls FLORA Series Dinner Plates ELISA Series Serving Platter Plate Set FLORA Series Salad Plates
Size 5.75'' 5.5'' 6.7'' 8.25'' 7.5'' 11-inch +13.25-Inch
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
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