Keratherapy Perfect Match Gray Root Concealer Keratin Infused Gray Root Cover Up Spray Auburn Red Color 3 Oz

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Cover the gray roots in your hair temporarily with our Keratin Infused Perfect Match Gray Root Concealer! This specially formulated spray instantly masks your gray roots until your next shampoo application. Pick this Keratherapy gray root cover up spray in the color that best suits your hair color. Keratherapy Perfect Match comes in Light Brown, Medium to Dark Brown, Black, Blonde, and Auburn Red colors. The formula also contains keratin to revitalize your hair's natural protective layer, add strength, restore elasticity, and reduce breakage. It is safe for all hair types. The easy spray-on application allows convenient applications just when you need them. Apply the Perfect Match Concealer on dry hair only: Simply shake the can well before applying, hold it 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) from your hair and spray on the gray root area with a steady movement. Allow product to dry in hair 2-3 minutes. For your safety, do not spray or use near open flame, sparks, stoves, heaters, or while smoking. Use it in a well ventilated area, avoid spraying in the eyes, and keep it out of reach of children.

From the manufacturer

Love you Hair
Perfect Match Gray Root Concealer
KERABOND Our proprietary KERABOND technology is a refined and enhanced
Light Brown Medium to Dark Brown Black Blonde Auburn Red
Light Brown Medium to Dark Brown Black Blonde Auburn Red
Easy to Use
Keratin Infused
Covers Gray Roots
Lasts Until Next Shampoo
Safe for All Hair Types
Temporary Effects
Best Selling
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