ACKE DIY LED Grow Light Panel 50W,Daisy Chain Plant Light for Indoor Plants,Indoor Horticulture,Mini Greenhouse, Grow Light Stand, DIY Growing Lamps for Indoor Gardening

Product Description

ACKE plant light 50W without power supply

Why Choose this Plant light?

  • ACKE grow light panel series design for multiple indoor plants' growing.
  • Super thin aluminum board is ideal for DIY grow light.Each set is about 50 watts
  • This brand new grow light panel enable to daisy chain to a series grow light panel.
  • Sunlike full spectrum plant light is suitable to indoor horticulture,medical plants' growing.

For the value-added floriculture or medical herbs to be successful,cost of the planting is key factor that gardener should concern.

We launch this DIY LED grow light panels for gardener that could achieve bumper harvest and reduce cost.

(Remark: Power supply is not included,each panel consumed about 25W,you should match a power supply which output is

DC24V.One set of this grow light match power supply which output is more than 50 watts,ACKE also match a 200W power supply

which could match max 4 sets,however,we suggested connection in series of 2 sets and then each chain are connected in parallel)

Installation guide

connection diagram

We know that animals and plants need energy to live. That energy is usually in the form of sugars like glucose.

We eat food,plants eat light by means of photosynthesis.Photosynthesis is a process through which green plants create energy.

Sunlike full spectrum LED plant light which imitate nature light and promote plants photosynthesis .

It will help indoor plants grow faster.

  • You can install it under your cabinet for your indoor herbs
  • You might install it at your greenhouse or grow tent.for your indoor horticulture all seasons.
  • Start grow your veg. or flowers at your basement or home all year round.
  • DIY your own canopy growing light system for your high value indoor gardening.
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