Shea Terra Organics Mama and Baby Collection | Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Wonder Oil| Non Toxic All Natural Maternity & Postpartum Belly Oil for Stretch Marks Prevention & Cellular Skin Repair – 8oz
  • Maternity & Postpartum Belly Skin Repair and Nourishment: Unlike other oils that merely sit on top of the skin, our powerful nutritive oil decreases and prevents stretch marks by penetrating beneath the surface to help cellular-level skin elasticity.
  • Nutritive Oils Powerhouse: Anti-oxidants found in Marula Oil, Beta-carotene and Pro-Vitamin A in Carrot Seed Oil, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties of Chamomile Oil, Fatty acids of Baobab Oil and so much more
  • From One Mom to Another: It takes one to know one. Shea Terra Organics’ founder is a mother to 14 children so she understands the plight of mothers when it comes to the changes that happen to their bodies during pregnancy and afterwards.
  • Improves Skin Elasticity: While there is no absolute solution for stretch marks, Mama’s Gold is the better solution because it synergizes the right ingredients that help improve skin’s elasticity as the mom’s body grows for her baby.
  • No Nasties: Our products are free of parabens, SLS, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, recycled water, and synthetic fragrance & dyes; we practice fair trade and our products are cruelty-free and conflict-free.
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  • Mama's Gold Stretch
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Shea Terra Organics Mama and Baby Collection | Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Wonder Oil| Non Toxic All Natural Maternity & Postpartum Belly Oil for Stretch Marks Prevention & Cellular Skin Repair – 8oz
Shea Terra Organics Mama and Baby Collection | Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Wonder Oil| Non Toxic All Natural Maternity & Postpartum Belly Oil for Stretch Marks Prevention & Cellular Skin Repair – 8oz


Product Description

Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Care Oil

While typical stretch mark oils are made from cheap, inferior oils that do little to improve the skin's condition and stay only on top of the skin, Mama Gold’s Stretch Mark Wonder Oil is made from the best nutritive oils designed to penetrate the cells beneath the skin’s surface where it is needed. Featured in magazines such as Fit Pregnancy, this oil is raved for its remarkable effectiveness in stretch mark prevention as well as how it is able to fade old stretch marks.

Pregnant women are more prone to brittle skin as the babies in their womb acquire nutrients from them. If you have ever found a rubber band that has become dry and brittle, then you will know that once it is stretched, the rubber band becomes cracked. In contrast, a rubber band that is relatively new and flexible, can be stretched again and again and go back to their original shape without damage. The skin works in a similar manner. The problem with most stretch mark oils is that the inexpensive oils they use do little to benefit the cellular structure of the skin and mostly remain on the skin's surface without penetration. Tammie, Shea Terra’s founder and super mom of 14 children, formulated Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Wonder Oil utilizing several of her most nutrient oils that provide the nourishment cells crave as they penetrate below the surface to help skin stretch.

While there is no absolute prevention for stretch marks, the level of the skin's elasticity can be markedly improved with the right ingredients. There is also no way of completely getting rid of stretch marks, but their appearance can be drastically improved with proper topical nutrition from ingredients that actually penetrate the skin's surface unlike cocoa butter and coconut oil which do not.

Superhero Ingredients

Tammie Umbel, Shea Terra’s founder, has been exploring remote villages throughout Africa for the rarest, power-packed ingredients on the planet since 2000. Shea Terra works with indigenous tribes to discover these potent ancestral plants and minerals and offers these Superhero Ingredients through our concentrated formulas.

African Potato

Used by traditional healers for thousands of years, this tuber is considered a miracle drug by many natives of Africa. Its naturally occurring sterols and sterolins deliver soothing properties that help decrease puffiness and manage inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and sun exposure.


Referred to in Africa as the Tree of Life, and growing over a thousand years old, there is no wonder why natives travel at length to gather the sacred fruits of the baobab tree. Rich in the amino acid lysine, this amazing oil does a lot of things that we are not able to say. Try it on rough skin, varicose veins and more. Saturated with vitamins and omegas six and nine, baobab oil magically transforms skin in just weeks. This is the must have oil for dry, aging skin and uncontrollable hair.

Carrot Seed

This oil is just what the doctor ordered for aging skin! A few drops of carrot seed oil a day could keep the plastic surgeon away. High in Pro-Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, this cold pressed oil (as opposed to distilled essential carrot seed oil) is the ultimate complexion repair serum as it works to reverse skin damage.

Kigelia Africana

Also known as the sausage fruit, kigelia Africana is a potent fruit extract building new pathways in the skincare industry. Kigelia is known to have anti-melanoma properties and is revered in Africa as a remedy for sun damage. Applied directly, the fruit pulp is used as a skin tightening agent. It is highly anti-inflammatory, thus working to calm flare ups caused by eczema and rashes.


Marula oil is valued for its nutritive, skin restoring properties. Rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, this oil helps to repair sun damaged, aging skin while forming a moisture loss barrier.

Shea NilotikShea Butter

Cold pressed, never boiled, this rare East African shea butter is much creamier and softer than its West African sister. The nuts of this differing species produce a butter that is higher in olein and tocopherols. This unrefined butter is exceptional for aging skin and after sun care. Unlike West African shea butter, which can build up in hair, Shea Nilotik’ Shea Butter is also ideal for damaged hair.

Embark on a Journey of Natural Beauty Wisdom

Since 2000, Shea Terra has been on a quest for natural beauty wisdom throughout Africa, exploring remote villages, trekking through miles of desert on camel back, and sailing into the depths of Nubia. Our journey has allowed us to tap into a wealth of indigenous knowledge and share these remote beauty secrets with the world. Through our diverse line of skin and hair care products, you can embark on this journey of beauty wisdom with us.

The Legendary Tree of Life

Baobab, also known as “The Tree of Life” or “Monkey Bread” is an existential part of African life. Its tree and fruits have been used as medicinefor centuries. Not only is the fruit a delicious citrus treat, the seeds are often used as vitamin supplements in powder form. Baobab has probiotic effects, which help build and maintain the human body’s immune system. The leaves are eaten as vegetables to aid digestion. Compared to other popular sources of nutrition like oranges, bananas and berries, the baobab fares better when it comes to its remarkable amount of nutrients such as Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants.

Baobab comes from the Arabic “Bu hibab” which means “fruit with many seeds”. The monkey-bread tree grows primarily in Africa. Its high importance in the country’s economy and day-to-day life is paid homage to through its symbol in the coat of arms of the African state of Senegal.

It is not called “The Tree of Life” for nothing. Both animals and humans depend on the baobab. Apart from food and medicine, the plant is also used as raw material for the production of clothes and other everyday objects such as rooftops, boxes, paper, baskets, nets and ropes. It is also used in making jewelry. Villagers actually decide if a location is suitable to live in if there are baobab plants within vicinity, and they go as far as making relocation decisions if their baobab dies and there are no other plants nearby. I guess you can say their life depended on it.

Natural Beauty That Empowers

Shea Terra is founded by Tammie Umbel, an enterprising super mom, who built the company while homeschooling 14 of her children. Shea Terra grew out of Tammie’s vision to develop natural skin care treatments that would not only heal and beautify those who use them, but also empower and enrich the lives of many impoverished villages and families throughout Africa.

Since early 2000, Shea Terra Organics has been working with cooperatives and conservation groups to source natural, organic ingredients in a sustainable and ethical way that would create economic opportunities and preserve wildlife. We share these indigenous, time-tested healing ingredients through our breadth of product lines, which include facial care, body treatments, hair herbals and maternity & newborn remedies.

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