SAYEEC Acylic Paint Marker Pens Art Permanent Medium Tip Ceramic Paint Assorted Marker Set for Rock Painting Wood Craft Mug Design Glass Canvas Photo Album Metal Gift 24 Colors

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  • Can I use them on rock painting and pebbles rocks?
  • - Absolutely! They work great on rocks.
  • Are they permanent?
  • - SAYEEC acrylic pens are permanent when marks dries on paper,fabric,rock,etc.,but you can wash it off on glasses and cups,you may have to bake in oven for a longer lasting finish
  • Are they food safe?
  • - You can use the pens on the outside of dishes, but not on the eating or drinking surfaces.
  • Do these come in a fine tip for writing?
  • - SAYEEC acrylic paint markers tipped 2-3mm,it's meduim tip,suit for large letter writing.Fine tip will be available soon.
  • DO they work well with Canvas/ fabric? Do they bleed?
  • - They work great with canvas and don't bleed unless you push the nib and hold. They also can work on leather and fabric with a smooth texture.
Birthday Gift DIY Craft Pens

WHAT I can do with SAYEEC Permanent Paint Pens?

  • Rock,Stone and Pebbles Art Painting
  • Decorate Mugs,Ceramic & Porcelain
  • Metal,Wood Tyre,Glass Painting
  • T-shirt and Shose Painting to create your own style
  • Write on Photo Album to describe the moment
  • Make Greeting Cards
  • Fantastic idea as a souvenir if you like to write every place on each souvenir,colors are fantastic and the style is very good
Birthday Gift DIY Craft Pens

For Most Surface

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Paint Pens for Rock Painting

24 Brilliant Colors

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