Lewis N. Clark Portable Immersion Water Heater + Electric Kettle for Coffee, Tea + Hot Chocolate, Camping, Office w/Travel Adapter, White, 120/240v

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This lightweight immersion heater is perfect for heating water on the road, whether that's for coffee, Tea, hot chocolate, or even soups. You won't have to waste money on an overpriced cappuccino, spend sightseeing time searching for a coffee shop, or worry whether your next hotel will have a water heater. it works on trains, planes, hotels, or anywhere with an electrical outlet, and you can use it with two different alternating current (AC) systems, including 120V, which is more common in North America, and 240V, which is more common in Europe and other parts of the world. It also includes a European adapter plug so you don't have to purchase that separately. it’s sleek, portable, and easily fits inside the included pouch. The durable burn guard ensures that the coils don’t touch The sides of your Mug or Cup. You can even use it in the office or at home. please note that you should first fill up your container with water, then put the immersion heater in the water, and Lastly turn the immersion heater on. After the water Is hot, Unplug the heater and wait thirty seconds before removing it from the water. now you don't have to order room service or bring a bulky pot, Tea kettle, or water heater when you’re traveling if you want a hot Cup of Tea or coffee. Easily warm liquids with this portable immersion heater and get your day started off right.

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