Namastraws | Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws 8" & 6" 100% Natural & Eco Friendly | Biodegradable & Organic | Includes Cleaning Brushes, Straw Pouch & Storage Bag | Dishwasher Safe | Plastic Free

Product Description

Great, you know plastic pollutes big time, now what?

Silicone is also a plastic derivative!

I really don't like that metal taste on my drink!

My glass straw gets way too hot I don't want to use it with my coffee...

Meet Namastraws, the only straw you will ever need.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, this means we don't need to use any chemicals in our production! We grow our bamboo specifically for the purpose of delivering the best reusable straws to your door.

Unlike stainless steel, glass and other alternatives, our manufacturing process is truly green. Most of the works are manual, carried by expert craftsmen that have a lifetime of experience.

Each Namastraw is unique, made with love, from us, to you.

We love Nature and our mission is to keep the world as beautiful as we can for future generations.

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