Dadanism Screen Protector Fit All-New Kindle 10th Generation 2019 Releases, [2 Pack] Anti-Glare PET Protective Film, Eye Protection Anti-Eye Fatigue Anti-Scratch Film - Matte

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Dadanism Anti Glare Screen Protector designed specifically to fit your All-New Kindle 10th Generation 2019 Releases Anti-glare Film Reduce vertigo in bright surroundings, and improve visibility. Ultra-Thin, High Touch Sensitivity Only 0. 125 mm maintains the high touch sensitivity. 99. 9% transparency allows an optimal, natural viewing experience. Scratch Resistant High quality PET material gives your tablet full protection, away from scratches, drops, extremely durable. 2 Pack Double Protection Whether your film is broken or missing, there is a spare one for you. Or you can share it with your families or friends. Package Includes - 2 * Anti-glare Screen Protector - 2 * Hang Card - 2 * Wet Alcohol Pad - 2 * Cleaning Cloth - 2 * Dust Removal Stickers How to Install? 1. Clean your device screen with the alcohol pad. 2. Wipe the screen with cleaning cloth. Note: Clean it many times to ensure the screen is clean enough. 3. Use the dust-absorption sticker to make sure the screen is dust free. 4. Take the protector and peel the protective layer off the adhesive side. 5. CAREFULLY place the screen protector by aligning the edges of the display along the outline. 6. Press the middle of the screen protector with your finger after aligning the screen. 7. Sweep the screen surface with the cleaning cloth to remove any bubbles, dust and dirt. Perfectly installed! Note: There is no need to wash the screen protector. All cleaning tools and screen protector can be used repeatedly.
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