Triax Guardian HD EP Grease with Moly - True Multi Purpose - Wheel Bearings, Shock Loaded Parts, Extremely Tacky, 400 F Drop Point, Zero Separation - Ultimate Heavy Duty Grease (Box of 10 x 14 OZ)

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Product Description

TRIAX Guardian GM is a very high performance EP (EXTREME PRESSURE), high adhesion, multi-purpose, a smooth textured high melting point, water resistant lithium base grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide (moly) to reduce wear by maintaining lubrication under conditions of high friction and shock loads. TRIAX Guardian GM is especially recommended for heavy duty applications where high pressures and shock displace the grease and the moly keeps providing lubrication.


Used as a chassis lubrication in wheel bearings, ball joints, control arms, steering linkage, pedal shafts, and spring shackles, for extended lubrication intervals recommended by most car manufacturers. Ideal chassis lubricant for trucks, and construction equipment operating in heavy duty service.

Unlike traditional wheel bearing greases, TRIAX GUARDIAN is highly suitable for severe service, highly loaded wheel bearings under constant loads or intermittent shock loads.


  • Outstanding adhesion in the presence of pressure, shock and temperature
  • Exemplary mechanical stability in high load applications
  • Ideal for high load, shock loaded bearings, pivots, bushings, joints, pivots.
  • Superior thermal stability with a high dropping point, over 400 F
  • Exceptional adhesion keeps the grease in place in the most severe conditions
  • Superior water resistance prevents metal corrosion, rust and water contamination
  • Contains high Molybdenum content for excellent wear protection and special viscosity stabilizers to prevent shear
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