Moldable Cosplay Foam Clay by The Foamory – 900 Gram Big Tub Size – Black – High Density, Air Dry, Light Weight

Product Description

Black Magic, by The Foamory, is an Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay for Cosplay. Our new High Density Formula allows us to supply you with the highest quality Foam Clay and an actual 900 grams of product in every container! Unlike most of our competitors who use a less dense version, something they don’t like to point out…

Moldable Cosplay Clay is fantastic for any and all Cosplay, Costume or Crafting projects. Sculpt, shape, or press virtually any design that your mind can conceive. After you are done working with the clay simply let it dry for up to 42 hours or more, allow 1-2 extra days for thicker designs. Once dry, it magically becomes like EVA Foam, able to cut, sand, Dremel, heat shape and even adhere to EVA Foam with contact cement or your favorite adhesive. You can also prime and paint to your liking. All the things you love to do with EVA Foam. Black Magic’s Moldable Foam Cosplay Clay can be used for:

  • New builds
  • Intricate detail work
  • Pressing into silicon molds and holding very fine detail
  • Filling in gaps and spaces
  • And so much more!

It truly is Black Magic.

We started The Foamory after realizing how difficult it was for Cosplayers and Foam-Smiths to get their hands on true high density EVA foam and Cosplay supplies. It is our mission to bring you the finest cuts of EVA Foam out there for all of your Cosplay, costuming and crafting needs.

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Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay
EVA Foam
High Density
Size 300 grams 2mm 35 x 59 inch Sheet 6mm 35 x 59 inch Sheet 10mm 35 x 59 inch Sheet 2-Pack: 2mm, 6mm & 10mm Options
2-Pack: 2mm, 6mm & 10mm Options, Saving you 5.00 Dollars per Roll!
Black Magic Moldable Cosplay Clay 900g Superior Moldability by The Foamory
High Density Formula Easy to Stretch, Mold, Sculpt. Designed for Armature and Framework ease!
Versatile and Air drying, Wet detail, Dry Detail, work with like EVA Foam, Seal it, Paint it air-dry
Whats your cosplay?  300g and 900g moldable cosplay foam clay by the Foamory
Best Selling
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