100% Natural & Vegan Nipple Balm with Calendula Extract, Nipple Cream for Cracked Nipples and Growing Breast Feeding Nipples, 2oz

Product Description

For the mother to be. For the mother who is. Nothing says strong and brave as a mother does. Whether you are expecting, breastfeeding, bottle feeding or simply tired from trying, you and your breasts deserve to be treated well.Free the Nips Nursing Balm is soothing balm to provide relief to cracked, growing and sore nipples. Give yourself a massage. You deserve it.

Made 100% all natural, vegan plant based ingredients and healing with calendula extract. Free the Nips Nursing Balm provides the safest, most effective relief for moms experiencing nipple soreness. Free from any harmful additives, lanolin, vitamin E or beeswax, our nipple salve is completely safe for baby. Created by a breastfeeding mom who were looking for a safer, healthier alternative for her baby, Handmade Heroes’s natural nipple butter is one of the most highly raved nursing balms around.

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Nursing Balm Diaper Balm - Maximum Strength Diaper Balm - Original Dry Shampoo Lip Scrub Natural Lip Tint
Weight 2 oz 2 oz 2 oz 2 oz 1.23 oz 0.18 oz
Plant based
Lanolin free
Petroleum free
No nasties
Key Ingredients Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Calendula Extract 40% non-nano zinc oxide, Calendula Extract, Mango Butter 16% non-nano zinc oxide, Calendula Extract, Mango Butter Activated coconut charcoal, kaolin clay & peppermint oil Coconut, jojoba oil & avocado oil Cocoa butter, coconut oil & rose geranium oil
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