4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Cellular Security Pan Tilt Camera,SIM Card Included,1080P Starlight Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection ,No WiFi or Wire Needed-Wyave
  • This camera utilizes 4G-LTE connectivity , it is ideal to install it where there is no WIFI . A SIM card is included in the package with 300MB free data preset . It also supports SIM from all major operators such as AT&T , T MOBILE and virtual operators Note : WIFI connection is not supported , Verizon Sim is not ideal for this camera
  • Pan&Tilt , camera can be rotated from phone app 300 degree horizontally and 120 degree vertically to give you a better view of surroundings. this security camera is powered by battery and solar panel , with IP65 waterproof , it is designed for outdoor use
  • PIR reinforced motion detection. The built-in PIR sensor can detect infrared changes within 30ft/9m and triggers recording and app notification
  • Video can be recorded to local SD card and cloud storage . A 32G SD card is included in product packaging. Mobile App can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Both email support and local hotline support are available, you will find this contact info on the product user manual , feel free to try this 4G LTE camera , we are here to back up our product
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4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Cellular Security Pan Tilt Camera,SIM Card Included,1080P Starlight Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection ,No WiFi or Wire Needed-Wyave
4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Cellular Security Pan Tilt Camera,SIM Card Included,1080P Starlight Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection ,No WiFi or Wire Needed-Wyave


Product Description

4G LTE cellular security camera Pan and Tilt-Wyave

Wyave PT is a 100% wire-free outdoor surveillance camera that runs on 4G LTE network. No WiFi or wiring needed. With an ultra-wide viewing angle of 300° pan & 120° tilt, it is a perfect security solution for monitoring farms , woods, construction site etc .

We provide toll free local customer support hotline , we are here to help if you encounter any problems during set up or daily use . Email support is also available.


1. How long can batteries last if not charged due to bad weather?

6 fully charged batteries can typically support the camera for at least 3-6 months, given that the camera is waken up by motion detection less than 20 times a day.

2. Does the camera support continuous recording?

The camera doesn’t support continuous recording because it's not designed for that. It's positioned as a camera for on-demand monitoring and event detection due to its use of battery. However, when you view live streaming in the app, camera will record until you exit the page.

3. Does the camera support 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi connection ?

No, it only supports 4G LTE connection .

4. Does the camera support 3rd party apps?

No, it only supports our app that can be downloaded from App Store or Google play .

5. What capacity of the MicroSD card does the camera support?

4-64GB , and we provide a 32G SD card in the camera package for free .

6. What’s the operating temperature of the camera?

-10-50 ℃ / 14-122℉

PIR motion detection works best between -10-37 ℃ / 14-98.6℉

7. what SIM card operator does this camera support if I decide to use my own SIM ?

It works with AT&T , T-Mobile and most virtual sim providers , but Verizon Sim is not recommended

8. how many data is normally consumed per month ?

there are 2 scenarios that consume data , one is that camera is triggered by external activity , the other is that user initiate live view from phone app .

For the first scenario , with cloud video option on , one trigger will consume around 1MB to 2MB data depending on the active time per trigger you set to the camera ; with cloud video option off , one trigger will only consume around 100KB data ; Note : default setting for cloud video option is on , you can turn it off manually in the app .

For second scenario , it consumes around 2MB data per minute if you initiate live view from app .

Let's say if you have 20 times trigger per day and 5 minutes live view , you will consume around 30MB data , so 1GB is enough per month .

Note : 1GB=1024MB and 1MB=1024KB

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