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Product Description

The Living2Serve Dish Wash Gloves are the perfect Home and Kitchen tool!!! Our gloves are exactly what you need to Clean Fruit & Veggies, prepare Fish & Seafood, thoroughly clean Kitchen, Bathroom, Tile and Carpet, Automobiles, Boats and much more. Also, Pets love the feel of the extended brush bristles. Our gloves are perfectly designed for Pet Grooming. Fun fact - the non-brush bristle side of our gloves are great for opening tight jars!

Here's a few highlights about the Living2Serve multipurpose reusable cleaning gloves:

  • Our Reusable gloves are Heat resistant up to 175 degrees and are able to be sterilized in Boiling Water;
  • Dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and our gloves won't tear or deform under pressure;
  • Protect your hands and finger nails while you clean;
  • Extremely durable, stretchy and are uniquely designed with anti slip silicone materials;
  • Aggressive brush bristles cover the fingers and palms to help remove stains from surfaces;
  • Often used for Pet pampering, many customers have commented that their pets enjoy bath time;
  • Waterproof and protect your hands from hot or cold water;
  • Exceptionally Crafted Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gloves will make a great Gift for your Loved Ones, Best Friends, or Housekeeper;
  • We listened to our customers feedback and developed a better glove to accommodate most hand sizes (13.5 x 6 x 1.5 in);
  • SUPER EASY TO FOAM AND CLEAN, feel free to throw away your inferior scrub brush and use our new and improved 2 in 1 multipurpose cleaning gloves;
  • The Living2Serve Gloves were created to make your chores easier!
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