ONIEZZFOIR Push Up Selfadhesive Padded Silicone Bra Deep V Gather Reusable Sticky Invisible Bras for Womens
  • PACKAGE:Good packaging is good for preservation after each use.Good preservation will help extend the life of your strapless bra to ensure you can use it several times.This boxing is hard to keep the
  • \"ONIEZZFOIR\" is a registered brand held by Acharline.If your strapless bras is sold by other sellers(NOT ONIEZZFOIR),you will buy a fake product-low price but poor quality.Hence,PLEASE check the name of seller before purchasing.We produce high quality products for every healthy and beautiful woman.Care for your breasts.
  • Clasp closure
  • MATERIA:The inter sticky part is made of medical grade gel, skin-friendly. Everything always stay in place with good stickiness and prevent from dropping., it will gentle adhere to your skin and keep the breast stable.The fabric on the surface is delicate and soft, available in black and incarnadine.The middle sponge is a high quality sponge. So,It is very lightweight and comfortable. You can squeeze the padded bra at will. Because it will return to the original state after about 3 minutes.
  • DESIGN:Deep v push up design,backless sticky bra with Wing, prevent the expansion of the breast effectively, make your chest deep, broad and well filled in,gather the breasts and make you sexier.To create women's breasts looking fuller with more cleavage.Nipple round non-woven design,care well sentitive nipples,comfortable and comfortable.Cellular vent holes design,soft breafhable skin care,comfortable every inch of skin.
  • OCCATIONS:Perfect for halter, backless/strapless evening gowns, low-cut outfits,party dress ,wedding dresses,braces shirt,shopping,swim,spy,cokic/Evening/party dress.Instantly becomes a part of your body with total freedom and flexibility of movement, making you to be the absolute focus.
  • NOTICE:Product is durable and reusable if cared for properly.Don't expose it to high temperature, because sweat may make it slip down. The self adhesive element of the bra regenerates itself after each wash, however like all products, the self adhesive does not last forever. If you use the special mild detergent for sticky cleaning, it can be used about 16 times. If you take good care of them, you can use them for months.For hygenic reasons, this product is non returnable.
  • SIZE: A,B,C,D,E(DD),F(DDD).To Choose the most appropriate size in size chart.If you can not find your size in the size chart, this silicone bra maybe not suitable for you.
  • E
  • Black With Exquisite Packaging
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ONIEZZFOIR Push Up Selfadhesive Padded Silicone Bra Deep V Gather Reusable Sticky Invisible Bras for Womens
ONIEZZFOIR Push Up Selfadhesive Padded Silicone Bra Deep V Gather Reusable Sticky Invisible Bras for Womens

Product Description

ONIEZZFOIR is an original brand, brand created from the story of 1004.OZZF stands for the number 1004.In Korean, the number 1004 implies "angel".The original intention of brand creation is to "create the most pretty angel, meet him in the best years" for every girl.

"All my beauty is only to be your angel."

Our company produces,designs and sells high quality products of different styles, and every tool of the product is subject to strict review.Our company designs more than 10 new products every month to meet customers'needs for new products.Also,To meet the needs of Market customers for all kinds of parties and special occassion.Fit ladies and womens join important accassions.Also provides the enterprise seller wholesale order

If you have specific ideas and innovative Suggestions about design styles or the needs of various clothing products, Welcome Suggestions and consultation.We will try our best to meet your various needs

All my beauty is only to be your angel

plus size bra large bust wireless gathering lift plunge no show transparent incarnadine


SIZE: A,B,C,D,E(DD),F(DDD).To Choose the most appropriate size in size chart.Considering the shape of breast is varied,or if you are not sure about your size,we suggest you buying two adjacent sizes or a size bigger than before you wear,for bra is the necessity of every women who never stop pursuiting fuller and charming breast.

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