BEST BUDS Quiet Aquarium Air Pump Single/Dual Outlets for Up to 60 / 130gal Tank

Product Description

BEST BUDS Aquarium Air Pump with Adjustable Air Flow

Lives in aquarium or pond need enough oxygen. Oxygenating the water will make lives healthier. Air pump is designed to pump air into the water to increase the oxygen content of the water. Ensure the needs for fish, shrimp, turtle and water plants growth.

How to choose an air pump?

  • a. What you need is depend on the density of fish in your tank or pond. If there are many fish in a small tank, then you need a high air flow pump, or conversely. An adjustable pump gives you flexible options.
  • b. You won't expect the air pump to disturb your life. Reducing noise is a very important feature of an air pump.
  • c. Sometimes the air pump needs to be working 24 hours, especially on cloudy or low atmospheric pressure weather. So, a high reliability pump will be a good choice for you.

No more searching, this is it! BEST BUDS Aquarium Air Pump with Adjustable Air Flow meets all the a,b,c requirements above, it is what you need.

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