Sammons Preston T-Bar Holder, 2.5" Long, 1" Diameter, 0.25" Shaft, Adaptive Art Tool & Writing Aid Offers Leverage & Stability for Those with Weak Grip, Poor Fine Motor Skills & Limited Mobility

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For over 50 years, Sammons Preston has been the premier brand in aids to daily living and home care devices. Sammons Preston products are adaptive living aids that help people cope with their environment. Whether you are a Therapist or patient, someone with special needs, or just have a need to make life easier and more accessible, Sammons Preston products can help you. Occupational Therapists, physical Therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on Sammons Preston adaptive utensils, adaptive plates and silverware, nosey cups, reaches and grabbers, grab bars, sock pullers, shoe horns, dressing sticks, hip kits, leg lifters, back scrubbers, gait belts, wheelchair belts, trays, and wheelchair accessories. These are the same high quality professional products used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

From the manufacturer

T-Bar Paint Brush Holder

The T-Bar Paint Brush Holder enables individuals with deficient grip strength to paint with ease. The T-Bar design provides provides leverage and control over the paint brush. The T-Bar Brush Holder is great for individuals who suffer from Parkinson's disease or nerve damage. It has a wide handle that holds the brush between two fingers and allows anyone to paint again.

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