SilverStone Technology PWM 120mm Addressable RGB Fan with Dual Ball Bearing and Air Penetrator Frame (SST-AP124-ARGB)

  • Displays any color combination by use of an Addressable RGB LED control box or capable motherboard via 5V, D, NP, G signal source. 4pin PWM for fan + 3pin WS2812 RGB. Air flow - 25.5 CFM. Noise level - 23.54 decibels
  • Enhanced airflow focus and brilliant visuals with Silverstone's unique Air Penetrator frame design
  • Coating with light diffusing material improves light uniformity
  • Double ball bearings for longer life and durability
  • Class-leading 24 LEDs for increased brightness
Retail Price: $32.99
Wholesale Price: Inquire Now
The AP124-ARGB is a Silverstone designed 120mm addressable RGB fan for the DIY enthusiasts. It has addressable RGB LED strip integrated within the frame which allows for control of each individual LED to display colors independently for nearly unlimited combination of colors and gradients. For cooling, the AP124-ARGB utilizes Silverstone's famed Air Penetrator grille to push airflow in a straight line, thus improving case cooling performance tremendously. Enthusiasts looking to upgrade performance and aesthetics of their PCs will find the AP124-ARGB to be an excellent choice.
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