Frolk Whiskey Stones Set Of 6 Extra Large Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets In Realistic Revolver Freezer Base Reusable Chilling Rocks Stone Ice Cubes Chillers Premium Gift Set

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Product Description

frolk extra large whiskey bullets set with freezer base

Whiskey Lovers' and Gun Lovers' EXCLUSIVE - No More Ice Cube Melting & Ruining Your Whiskey Drinking Experience!

Up until now, you only had one way to cool down your drinks... ice cubes. The problem with ice cubes however, is that they simply melt and dilute your drink, altering its taste and ruining your sips. You should know...

Well, not anymore! We decided to take matters into our own hands and came up with these awesome Whiskey Bullet Chillers that will help keep your drink undiluted, all the way to the last sip!

stainless still whiskey chillers

Presenting The Ultimate Bullet Shaped Whiskey Chilling Stones By Frolk [6-pc Set]

Although these Bullet Chilling Rocks are great for wine, beer, juice, coffee, iced tea and any other beverage, they are truly a MUST-HAVE for whiskey, bourbon and scotch lovers.

perfect gift idea for men who know what they want

Every slight detail, from Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets, all the way to the expertly crafted Freezer Case, scream quality and originality that every whiskey lover and hard liquor drinker will deeply appreciate

Keep your whiskey ice-cold with XL Whiskey Bullets. No melted ice, no loss of flavor!

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XL Bullets Set XL Bullets and Glasses Set XL Bullets,Glasses and Decanter Set Bullets Set Bullets and Glasses Set Bullets,Glasses and Decanter Set
Whiskey Chillers 6 XL Bullets 6 XL Bullets 6 XL Bullets 6 Bullets 10 Bullets 10 Bullets
Premium Gift Box
Revolver Freezer Base - - -
Special Tongs -
Freezer Pouch -
2 Whiskey Glasses - -
2 Slate Coasters - - -
Whiskey Decanter - - - -
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