Outzone Automotive Test Lead Kit 92 Pieces Electrical Testers Auto Diagnostic Tools Wire Connectors Adapter Cables Set

92Pcs Electrical Leads Test Kit
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Product Description

What you get

2pcs 5KΩ Potentiometer (Variable Resister)

2pcs LED Stroboscope

2pcs Probe

4pcs Acicular Probe

2pcs Alligator Clip

2pcs 1 To 2 Connector

4pcs 1 To 1 Connector

2pcs SRS Connector

24pcs Various Automotive Circular Terminals

48pcs Various Automotive Flat Terminals

The automotive test set includes a variety of test terminals, which is convenient for the maintenance technician to arrange and use.

  • It can diagnose and test the electronic control system of the car, and it is convenient for the connection box to obtain the output and input signals of the automobile sensor and the electric device, so as to facilitate the connection of the automobile electrical connector.
  • The automotive test terminals contain a variety of male and female terminals for diagnostic and test connections for automotive electronic control systems, allowing car service technicians to connect to automotive ECUs and electronic connector terminals, and banana jacks for easy connection to automotive test instruments. Service technicians save time and increase work efficiency.


  • Easy to connect the terminals of the car sensor and car ECU
  • Easy to test sensor pulse and power device signal
  • Easy to connect test instruments to obtain test signals
  • Analog resistance signal and airbag
Electrical Test Kit 92pcs

Outzone Automotive Connector Circuit Tester Lead Kit Contains 92 PCS for Essential Test Aids & Test Lead Wire Adapter Cables Set

Widely Use

  1. Various wires in this box, it is suitable for the Europe, America and Japan terminal. High common use and convenience
  2. Apply to any Automotive Multimeter, the extended line of probe for oscilloscope. More convenient connection and checking rapidly.


  1. Equipped 2 sets LED light. It can supervise hall effect, photoelectric signal, nozzle, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve of transmission shift gear....and control signals.
  2. When checking the parts, it could connect the back of terminal directly, would not to damage the circuit, reduce the circuit rust and avoid to adding impedance.
  3. When checking the electric current, only use the lines to connect the circuit, do not need to cut the electric wires.
  4. SRS Connector can simulate airbag and routed contracting device of safety belt to avoid accident or miss-judgment.
  5. Variable Resister can simulate the pretend signal of coolant temperature sensor, throttle valve sensor and send the pretend signal to computer. It would avoid risk to change the new parts again.
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