Manual Coffee Grinder, Portable Adjustable Ceramic Conical Hand Burr Mill, 2019 Upgraded, 100% BPA Free Compact Size Perfect for Home, Office, Travel

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Product Description

If you’re a minimalist or like/need to conserve space, but still want a great cup then the Misspet just might be for you.

Travelling coffee drinkers don't stop raving about this Misspet Manual Coffee Grinder that is designed to grind with perfect accuracy and is great for those who are travelling or constantly on the go.

What makes this product a great travel companion?

1. For one, the portable easy-to-grip cylindrical shape makes it easy to hike, bike, pack in a suitcase or stash in the car.

2. It fits perfectly into the Aeropress making the convenience of packing easy, plus it weighs in at only 9.4 ounces.

3. The solid Acrylic material body build makes the coffee grinder easy to clean and virtually indestructible.

4. The adjustable grinder produces accurate grinds for fine, coarse or grinds in between - and has a neat little dial that will ensure you remember that perfect grind you just produced.

5. It has 9 settings, each defined by a 'click' on the burr wheel. Find the right grind for your brewer, remember the number, and you're good to make the perfect cup of coffee on the go!

Product Features:

1. Easy to use with versatile features - achieve the perfect grind for most brew types

2.Portable design perfect for the coffee enthusiast on the go (or camping coffee fanatics)

3. Small capacity - best suited for 1-2 coffees per grind

BEST SUITED FOR: This is a coffee grinder perfect for those who want to take their coffee with them on travels or when exploring the great outdoors.


For travelers and minimalists

Hopper capacity: 15g (1-2 coffees per grind)

Weight: 0.44lb

Dimensions: 1.9” x 1.9” x 4.3”

Burr material: Ceramic Conical Burr

Number of grind settings: 9

Package Contents:

Misspet Coffee Grinder x 1

Brush x 1

Storage Bag x 1

MISSPET Manual Coffee Grinder
MISSPET Manual Coffee Grinder
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