1. YOYBUY Annual party notice

Dear Customers,
YOYBUY will held 2019 New Year Party on 19th Feb,2019 (Beijing Time). All the staff of YOYBUY will be off work to attend the party. Please feel free to place order and submit the shipment. All the inquiries, order purchases and shipping will be handled on 20th as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience brought to you.


2. Pre-Chinese New Year Purchases

Dear Customers,
Most of the sellers and logistics will be off work around the end of January due to traditional Chinese New Year. So it is better to place order(s) before 20th Jan,2019 if your order is urgent.


Help Center

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Shipping Methods


DHL Expedited Shipping will deliver packages within 2-4 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons.     

Volumetric Charging: When shipping lightweight, bulky packages, use this formula:

Volumetric Weight = Product of length*width*height (cm) / 5000

Airline charges are based on a minimum shipment density. The greater of the volumetric weight versus the actual weight of your packages will be used to calculate your shipping costs. For more details, please visit DHL's site.


Note: We can handle almost everything, but we have accredited expertise in the following special freight types:

1.    Ambient and temperature-controlled (dry, liquid, powdered and semi-manufactured)

2.    Pharmaceutical products

3.    Bulk products, including petrochemicals

4.    Chemicals

5.    Dangerous goods

6.    Electronic components

7.    Forest products

8.    Metals

9.    Engineering sub-assemblies

10.  High value goods

11.  Iimitation goods



EMS will deliver packages within 5 - 10 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons, reaching up to 10 - 22 working days.

The status of the parcel will appear and automatically update on the EMS website three days after item has been mailed (During holiday season, 5-6 working days). If you have not received the packages after 12 working days, please track the information on your own country's postal website or contact your local post office.

Note: It is unsafe to ship items to Spain by EMS if the weight of parcel is over 7 kilograms. Their Customs is very strict about parcel weight, and we suggest you ship your items in separate packages to prevent a delay in delivery.


Shipping method is the same as the EMS,excluding these below:

 1.  Able to reach country:Russia,Belarus,Ukraine,Spain,Brazil,United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Japan,South Korea,Netherlands,Taiwan,Singapore and Hong Kong. 
 2. The first weight is 50g,and the additional weight is 50g,the international shipping fee will be charged by the 50g as one unite.
 3. All together,it is cheaper than the


Aramex will deliver packages within 3-5 working days after we get the first tracking information from the site,which takes 2-3 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons. For more details, please visit Aramex's site.

Important notice about Aramex weight policies:

             For parcels weighing less than 15kg:

      The first weight unit is 0.5kg

      Additional weight is measured in 0.5kg increments

      For example, a 1.2kg parcel will be charged for 1.5kg

             For parcels weighing more than 15kg:

      The first weight unit is 1kg

      Additional weight is measured in 1kg increments

      For example, a 15.2kg parcel will be charged for 16kg

Additionally, the measurements might overrule the actual weight. If volume(height*width*length/5000) is bigger than the real weight of the parcel, Aramex will charge by volume instead.


    Air parcel, SAL parcel

International package includes Air parcel and SAL parcel. Their prices are lower compared to EMS. Air Parcel will deliver packages within 10 - 20 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons, reaching up to 35 working days. If the package does not arrive after a month, please visit your country's tracking website for more information. The chinese tracking site is updated according to the feedback from your country, so tracking from your country's site will be more prompt and accurate.

International Air Parcel will deliver packages (less than 2kg; Length, width, and height must all be less than 60cm) within 20 - 35 working days. Tracking works the same way as that of international packages.

      Preferential Line

Preferential Line will deliver packages within 8-10 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons. 

Shipping Terms:

1. Range: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland.

2.Parcel weight:10kg≤X≤70kg, shipping fee will be charged by 1kg as one unite.

3.Volumetric Weight = parcel of length*width*height (cm) / 5000.


             Imitation brand, battery items/electronics;

             Length, width, and height must all be less than 120cm,total length of them should less than 200cm.



ePacket will deliver packages within 7-10 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons.

Shipping Terms: Parcel weight shouldn't more than 2kg (Israel no more than 3kg), Shipping fee is charged by the 1g as one unite.



           UPSExpedite will deliver packages within 8-15 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons.

           The first weight is 1kg, and the additional weight is 1kg.


          UPSExpressSaver will deliver packages within 2-4 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holidays seasons.

          The first weight is 0.5kg, and the additional weight is 0.5kg.


                 FedexIP will deliver packages within 2-4 days. There may be delays during high-demand holidays seasons.
               The first weight is 0.5kg, and the additional weight is 0.5kg

Delivery methods

ETA  (workingdays)


2 - 4


7 - 10




3 - 5

Air small parcel

15 - 35

Air parcel

15 - 35

SAL parcel

20 - 45

Domestic shipping

2 - 7

Preferential Line

8 - 10


7 - 10

UPSExpedite 8 - 15
2 - 4
2 - 4

Parcel tracking

1.     DHL tracking website

2.     EMS and E-express tracking website

3.     Aramex tracking website:

4.     Air parcel, SAL parcel

Tracking number is:

 CP********CN, RR*********CN or RA*********CN    



1.     Arrival of goods to YOYBUY: Usually takes 3-5 days after we purchased.

2.     Shipping date: After you have submitted,purchased,and completed the delivery section

3.     International delivery time: On average, EMS and E-express take 7-10 working days, Air parcel takes 15-35 working days.

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