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Refund Policy

How do I send a refund request?

If you have a positive balance in your YOYBUY account and would like to withdraw it, you can send a refund request.

Please click “Withdraw money” after you log in. Fill out the form and submit it.


           To refund into PayPal account or the card which was used to pay via PayPal:





     1. If you have paid via your PayPal account, the money will be refunded to your PayPal within about 24 hours

          when it is less than 2 months since the payment has been made successfully.

     2. If you use the credit card to pay via the PayPal platform, the money will  be refunded to your credit card


      3. The PayPal company will charge us 0.3 dollars per payment, even if the transaction is a refund. So if you

          are requesting a refund with YOYBUY, the 0.3 dollar will be deducted from your total refunded amount. In other

          words,  you should cover the PayPal transaction fee of 0.3 dollar in this refund.


Credit Card

To refund into credit card account:


Note: The refund will be shown in your account within 7-15 business days.

Western Union

To refund into Western Union account:

Note: Transaction fees will be automatically deducted from the amount you had requested.


Transfer Amount

Service Fee

500 USD

15 USD

500-1000 USD

20 USD

1000-2000 USD

25 USD

2000-5000 USD

30 USD

5000-10000 USD

40 USD

Note: After refund, our accountant will email you the MTCN.



To refund into WebMoney account:

For all refunds:

1.    Refunds are delivered within 3 working days.

2.    Please note that you are responsible for bank transfer fees.


When should I expect a refund?

If the item you want cannot be bought (out-of-stock, illegal, etc) or has problems (damaged, incorrect, etc), we will inform you the reason and credit money to your YOYBUY account directly and immediately.


How do I check my refund records?

You can go to “My Account History” to view all the details. There, you can view the balance of all your account and the conversion between USD / CNY. If you want to check your refund history, you can click “My Refund Records”.


Note: There are five kinds of statuses in "My account history":  Payment, Recharged, Refund, Withdraw, and Deductions.



Payment: You have paid the items you want.


Recharged: You have added money to your account.


Refund: When the items you wish to buy is out of stock, or have been deleted after you submitted payment, YOYBUY will refund you the money for those items.


Withdraw: You have withdrawn money from your account.


Deductions: If the price of your purchased items changes after you have submitted payment, we will either charge you directly from your account, or refund you money. However, this situation is highly uncommon.


When should I get a refund if the Taobao seller is always offline?

YOYBUY will refund you if the Taobao seller is offline for 3 days after you submit payment.


Note 1:

Taobao seller is online:

Taobao seller is offline:


Note 2: YOYBUY will refund you within 3 working days.

Note 3: Webmoney refunds will be completed within 24 hours. Other methods will take about 3 working days.

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