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What is the YOYBUY coupon?

How to get the coupons?

1. Picking up from YOYBUY activities;

2. Exchange the points into Coupons:

1200points=1dollar, 6000points=5dollars, 12000points=10dollars.


How can I use coupons?


1 You will find three statuses of coupons in your account: unused, used, and expired. unused coupons are marked with color, while used ones are marked with gray.

2 In the checkout page for the order and the parcel order, you will be able to see all the available coupons. Please choose a coupon by clicking “Apply” and check the total amount before you make a payment.


Note for the activities coupons:

1.You can use the coupon instead of any fee: item fee, demostic shipping fee, International shipping fee, customs fee or service   fee;

2.There is minimum cost limit;

3.You won't get the difference back if the coupon amount is larger than the fee amount, in other words, one coupon can be used only one time even if it cannot be used fully in the first time.

4.The parcel order, including one item from one order which was paid by coupons, cannot be paid partly by Coupon.


Fragile Products Purchase and After-Sales Policy


If you are purchasing fragile/perishable products (e.g. glass, ceramics, etc.), the international logistics side usually does not support the claim service due to the risk of breakage and damage caused by too many irresistible factors in the course of transportation.

It is recommended that you indicate when submitting your parcel that you will strengthen the packaging to reduce the risk of damage (this action will add an additional service charge of 5USD for you). If you insist on ordering, Yoybuy is only responsible for ensuring that the goods leave Yoybuy's warehouse in good condition, the risk of damage to the product in transit will be borne by you and Yoybuy will not be liable for any compensation.


About parcels seized by customs inspection

Parcels sent abroad are subject to foreign customs inspection, which is basically in the form of random checks. If customs consider your parcel to be special (e.g. large, too heavy or containing sensitive goods), they will generally take the initiative to contact the recipient to provide an invoice or clearance documents. The cost of returning or destroying the parcel due to failure to contact the recipient or the recipient not cooperating with the initiative to contact Customs for clearance will be borne by the recipient.

How do I fill out the invoice information by myself?

Click here to download the invoice template and kindly update the areas highlighted in Yellow  according to your actual situation and then send the file to our customer service. Invoice template download address

Why i choose the Cargo as shipping method?

1 Double clearance(without any tax);

2 All the item shipped excluding the pills;

3 Shipping fee is lower, comparing to the other shipping methods.

What is the exchange rate?

The current exchange rate will be adjusted regularly based on real-time exchange rates.

How much is your service fee?

The service fee is 10% of the item price and domestic shipping fee, with the minimum service fee of 35CNY.

Which payment methods does YOYBUY accept?

Now the accepted payment methods include PayPal,Credit Card, Web Money, QIWI, Western Union and Wire transfer. The transaction fee varies depending on the payment method you choose.  

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer many international shipping methods to meet varied shipping needs of customers from all around the world: DHL, E-express, Aramex, EMS, Russia post, Air Parcel, SAL, Air small parcel and Domestic shipping.

What kind of fees does BuyForMe service charge?

Our BuyForMe service helps our customers buy the items they like from China. Besides service fee, you also have to pay for international shipping fee, customs fee, insurance fee, and storage fee (depending on the time you store your packages in our warehouse).

What kind of fees does Forwarding service charge?

We understand that fees other than shipping cost are a headache to all our customers, so we have offered our package forwarding service that only charges shipping fee! In most cases, you will pay less than the estimated international shipping cost, that's because we will consolidate your packages to minimize the size and weight, which will save you money on shipping. Our consolidation service is FREE!

How to use "My Address in China" ?

In case you need a valid shipping address in China (so you can purchase completely by yourself if you have a Chinese shipping address, or because you want to collect product samples from Chinese companies for your business),you can use "My Chinese Address". We will collect all parcels shipped to "My Chinese Address", and check and list them in your YOYBUY account. At any time, you can submit delivery request (we will combine multiple packages together to save your money) to ship your parcels to your home address anywhere around the world.

Which products we can’t purchase for you?

We try our best to ship all items for our customers all over the world, but we cannot handle shipping of prohibited items: liquid, power, battery, magnet, knife, medicine, seed, chemical, animals,toxic items beyond our purchasing ability, and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable shipping requests.

How do I track my shipment?

After your parcel has been shipped out, an email with the tracking No. and the website you can get the tracking information will be sent to your email box which is registered on our website. Also you can log in to your YOYBUY account to check "my order” and find a link to track the status of your shipment online.

How do I check my order status?

Once we receive the order, our buyer will purchase items for you at once, you can click “My order” in your account to check the order status. After all the items under this order have arrived at our warehouse, we will inform you via email.

How do I estimate my delivery date?

Different international shipping methods come with different shipping time. In the email informing you the parcel has been shipped out, you can find the estimated delivery time, so please pay attention to this email. If you have no idea that you have got the email, please contact our customer service and we will try to get info about your delivery date.

Do you guarantee the quality of items I bought?

YOYBUY is not the product supplier, but offers services for buying items online from China stores for our customers who cannot buy them by themselves. We cannot see items until they have arrived at our warehouse, but we will inspect the quality of items and give you some advice if we notice the credit of the website or the shop is bad, according to our experience. Please remember: the items you get are worth the money you have paid for, and higher prices in most cases stand for higher quality.

Which websites can we purchase from?

There are many Chinese online stores that are popular among international shoppers! We recommend you:,, www.JD.COM,,,,, and so on.

How long can you keep my items in your warehouse?

After the status of the item was changed into “arrived”, it can be kept in our warehouse for up to 180 Days. For the first 90 days, it is free, while for the other 90 days, one item ID will be charged 1CNY per day. If the item has been kept in our warehouse for more than 180 days, we will dispose your items. We believe 180 days are enough time for all customers to arrange their shopping and shipping.

What benefit does the Super VIP member enjoy?

We will pay special attention to our Super VIP customers. If you are Super VIP member, you will benefit from the following:
1 The service fee is from 10% to 8%.
2 You will get the doubled points when you confirm receipt.
3 Priority in customer service to solve your problem

How to become a Super VIP member?

It is easy to become our Super VIP. If the expenses, including the item value and domestic fee, exceed 25,000, you will become our Super VIP automatically.

How to use YOYBUY points?

In your YOYBUY account, the points can be exchanged into coupon, which can be used for your future order to save money, 200 points equal to 1 CNY.

What’s the return policy of YOYBUY?

If you find the received item distinctly different from what you ordered, please contact us at first, we will confirm with the seller whether they can accept the returned items. If yes, we will accept the returned item from you. But we are not responsible for any damages caused when shipping back to us for return.

If I find there is something wrong with my delivery address, what should I do?

When you find that you have offered the wrong shipping address, check your parcel is under which of the following conditions and act accordingly:
1 If the parcel is not shipped out, please contact the customer service with the right shipping address, we can change it for you.
2 If the parcel has been shipped out, and there is no tracking information yet on the tracking website; we can contact the logistics company to change the shipping address.
3 If there is already tracking information of the parcel, we can do nothing to it.
4 If the item cannot be delivered successfully, please contact the local post office holding your parcel to change the shipping address.

What is about electronic product?

Regards of electronic product,Because we do not have professional inspection tools and equipment, we only make sure the appearance and type correct。

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