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My Warehouse in China

Your benefit:

      Free Registration

      No Monthly Fee

      Free Repackage Handling

      Save International Shipping Due to Cosolidation Service

      English&Russian Speacking Customer Service

      ●      Professional Purchasing Team

      Free Consolidation Service


 In case you need a physical mail address in China (because you can purchase completely by yourself if you had a Chinese mailing address, or because you want to collect product samples from Chinese companies for your business), you can use "My address in China". We will collect all parcels sent to "My address in China", and check and list them in your YOYBUY account. At any time, you can submit delivery (we will combine multiple packages together to save your money) to your real mailing address anywhere around the world.


How to use "ShipForMe" ?


Note:  If you are a new customer wanting to try, please register on YOYBUY first to get the physical shipping address!

Note: If you are an old customer, please log in to your account to get the physical shipping address.

STEP 1: Register at YOYBUY to get your Chinese address.


             You also can get your Chinese address in “My YOYBUY.”      



 STEP 2: After YOYBUY receives the parcels, you may submit delivery and pay the shipping fee.

Once your parcel arrives, YOYBUY will weigh your package. Then, we will list  it on your “My address in China,” where you can check your package arrival, and send you a notification email of this parcel.

Tracking No.: Listed by the seller after the items have been shipped.

Time: The time when items arrive at your YOYBUY warehouse.

Weight: The total weight of the items. 

Please select the parcels you want to deliver together and make a payment.


Note: In order to ensure transportation safety, YOYBUY will verify the quantity of purchased items.

After you have paid the delivery fee, you will see a page of your parcel details. You may then click “Back to my parcels” and wait for your parcel to be processed. You can check your parcel status in My Parcel. 

After you received the parcel, please confirm the receipt of the parcel and leave a feedback!

Prohibited Items

            We can handle almost every thing, but we cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special

            handling, including: 

             1.    Ambient and temperature-controlled (Flammable, explosive, dry, liquid, powdered, Paste, Magnet,

                     lighter,battery,controlled cutting tools, compressed gas and semi-manufactured)

             2.     Pharmaceutical products

             3.     Bulk products, including petrochemicals

             4.     Chemicals

             5.     Dangerous goods

             6.     Electronic components

             7.     Forest products

             8.     Metals

             9.     Engineering sub-assemblies

            10.    High value goods


             1.DHL cannot send the prohibited goods. If the length of DHL parcel is over 120cm, you should pay

                290CNY extra.

             2. For EMS and Air parcel, size limitation is 120CM in maximum length, the girth should be less than

                200CM; Air small package length should be less than 60CM; Russian Post accepts parcel length less

                than 150CM,and the girth should be less than 300CM.

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